What the duck?

An increasing number of people have found random rubber ducks on their vehicles, specifically Jeep models, in recent years.

What Is Duck Duck Jeep?

Duck Duck Jeep or Jeep Ducking involves Jeep drivers placing a toy rubber duck on a fellow driver's vehicle.

Parade explains the duck is accompanied by a note that suggests taking a photo with the toy, posting the pic to social media and then leaving the duck with another Jeep drive.

"If you want to take part in this activity, you just need to get yourself some ducks to carry around with you," the Parade article states.

Seems easy enough.

How Did Jeep Ducking Start?

The practice of Jeep Ducking was allegedly started in Canada during the COVID-19 pandemic by Allison Parliament according to MotorTrend.com.

"Allison's reason for perching a little yellow duck on a Jeep Wrangler just like hers that she saw in a parking lot was simply to bring herself a small sense of joy after a frightening verbal and physical encounter with someone earlier that day," MotorTrend.com explained.

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The Jeep Ducking craze eventually migrated to the United States and other countries throughout the world.

Parliament has embraced her role of creator of the Jeep Ducking movement, or "Queen Of The Ducks" as she calls herself on TikTok.

Parliament frequently visits Jeep gatherings across Canada and the U.S. where she will even sign a rubber duck for you.

You'll be able to tell which Jeep is hers from the large duck graphic on its doors.

For those looking to take a deep dive into Jeep Ducking culture, there are several Facebook groups and online communities devoted to the topic. Some are focused on Jeep Ducking in specific states.

With the exception of the occasional good-natured rib, Jeep Ducking is mostly an act of kindness to bring a smile to your face.

It's a little reminder to loosen the duck up the next time you find a toy on your vehicle.

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