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The newest hit reality show on Netflix is America's Sweethearts Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders.


*Courtesy of YouTube/Netflix


It's currently the #1 ranked show for total streams on Netflix this week.

From the very first episode, my favorite girl was Reece Weaver because of her sweet personality and boldness in sharing her faith.

Netflix Summer Break
Getty Images for Netflix

Imagine my delight in seeing on social media that tons of folks agreed with me about this girl named Reece.

She definitely is the breakout star of the show.

Imagine my additional delight when it was revealed in episode 2 that she is a former Alabama Crimson Tide cheerleader!


As I (and many others) began to fall in love with Reece, we heard a story about the first boy she had ever dated.

Apparently Reece was raised in a conservative home and boys weren't really on her radar, so to speak.

However, when she met Will (a HUGE Tide basketball fan) while attending U of A, something just clicked.

Now, Reece and Will (who you also see on the show) are husband and wife.

They were married by Tuscaloosa pastor Taylor Morton from Valley View Baptist Church.

The thing that really stands out is Reece's constantly positive attitude at all times on the show.

If you know anything about the Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders, you know about their director, Kelli Finglass.

She is like the drill instructor from "Full Metal Jacket".

If he was a woman and a bit more angry and intimidating.

Yet, Reece never lets it get to her.

The other girls are a wreck at times, and Reece seems to be the one they go to for support.

Reece and Will do a great job representing the University of Alabama and Alabama across the board.

Congrats to them both on their recent nuptials.

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