Yahoo Sports' Pat Forde is reporting that the NCAA is prepared to create a new division for the five power conferences (SEC, Big 12, Big 10, PAC-12, ACC).  In his recent article, Forde reports a polling of nearly 800 administrators at the NCAA convention showed that "Fifty-eight percent of those administrators...were in support of autonomy for the power conferences".  The article also reports that the issue will be further discussed in April before individual conferences can "discuss those findings at their spring meetings". A formal vote could follow.

The creation of a new division would take some time, probably years before it actually came to pass.  But the mere mention of such an action shows the growing disconnect between the large and small conferences in football.  How it affects other sports is unknown.  Player compensation could also become a reality if the power conferences are given more autonomy.

You can read Forde's article in its entirety here.