Big Ten Officially Votes To Return
The roller coaster that is Big 10 football seems to have settled. The conference has decided to play its season after all, beginning on the weekend of Oct. 24. This reverses a decision made at the beginning of August to forgo a fall season.
TCU vs. SMU Postponed Due to COVID-19
The nation is getting ready for the start of college football, last weekend Central Arkansas took on Austin Peay to get things started and there are several games on the schedule this weekend. While the excitement is growing, there are still concerns over coronavirus and its affects and whether it w…
What Can The NFL Learn From The Bubble?
Every other sport in the nation has already returned to play. Leagues such as MLB have had a loose bubble when compared to the very strict bubble operated by the NHL, who was the first to incorporate a “hub city” approach. The successes and failures of both styles can be analyzed by th…
Will The Real Big Ten Please Stand Up?
It has been reported this week by several media outlets that the Big Ten is possibly eyeing a new start date of Oct. 10th to begin their fall football campaign. In a statement from the conference, the Big Ten is working hard to try to make fall football a possibility.
Central Arkansas Cleared to Battle Blazers
Although the players underwent numerous COVID-19 tests prior to the game there was a concern that when two teams clashed on the field there might be a spread of undetected coronavirus, halting the progress of the 2020 football season. College football got more good news as the Central Arkansas playe…

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