As the Alabama football team develops its identity for the 2018 season, one player to keep an eye on from a leadership perspective is linebacker Christian Miller.

The senior dealt with an injury that derailed much of his 2017 season, but he said that's motivated him to move past it and finish his career strong.

"I want to go into this thing, just leave it all out there, no regrets and just leave my mark," Miller said. "Have an impact on this program, on these people, on the coaches, just any way I can. I'm just not taking it for granted."

Part of his role as an upperclassmen is helping the new players get acclimated to the system and get up to speed during fall camp, and Miller said he's been impressed by their focus.

"The biggest thing I've seen from them is their willingness to learn because obviously those guys are all talented. I mean, they wouldn't be here if they weren't, but I've seen tremendous physical traits from them. The thing that I really like about those guys is that they all want to learn."

Alabama has produced some incredibly talented linebackers through the years, but this comment from Miller will get fans excited about this next wave.

"I just told them yesterday, 'Y'all are probably the most advanced group of freshmen that I've seen here since I've been here, and I've been here a while."