With Alabama taking over the college football throne over the past decade, many kids around the country grow up hoping to have the chance to play for the Crimson Tide.

But scholarships are limited and Saban's staff has to be highly selective through the recruiting process. That means that plenty of top-level players never get a shot at earning a spot on the Alabama roster. Unless you choose the walk-on path and have nothing guaranteed.

That's what Magnolia, Arkansas, athlete Terry Lambert has decided to do. The three-star prospect for the class of 2019 has offers from some smaller schools, but he intends to accept a preferred walk-on offer from The University of Alabama. Lambert joined Smashmouth Radio this week to explain the decision.

"I'm just really glad the number one school in the nation wants me to help them win championships," Lambert told host Scott Griffin. "My perspective about it is I'm pretty confident in it. All I got to do is show up and compete."

"I'm trusting God in the process, and ever since I was little I've always asked God for an opportunity to play Division I football at a high level. Ever since I got this offer from the number one football team in America, it just really humbled me. And I'm really excited and I can't wait to be a part of it."

The three-star prospect has been in contact with Alabama since his ninth grade year and performed well when he made it to campus recently. He's confident in his abilities with the ball and isn't afraid to compete against the running backs ahead of him.

Alabama recently picked up a commitment from four-star running back Keilan Robinson and is still in the running for the nation's top back Trey Sanders. That could lead to a crowded backfield in Tuscaloosa, but who would write off Lambert with his attitude and drive?

Check out the full conversation with Lambert from Smashmouth Radio in the video below.

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