As the Alabama Crimson Tide prepares to open fall camp, a number of former players gear up either to play in the professional ranks or to start their post-football career.

Earlier this week, former Alabama wide receiver Mike McCoy recounted his playing at Alabama under Mike Shula and Nick Saban and talked about life after football on The Gary Harris Show.

McCoy recounted how the groundbreaking nature of his recruitment to Alabama.

“The whole recruiting process in general was something new. I was the first kid in my entire 20-years existence of my high school that went through the (recruiting) process. I was like the first kid to actually go to a major D-1 school.” McCoy said.

The former Alabama wide receiver recounted the impact that Nick Saban’s hiring had on the team.

“When Coach Saban came in, he ran some people out of there like just from an ethical standpoint. He had us so brainwashed I felt like I could have went to war with anybody.” McCoy said.

After hanging up his cleats, McCoy entered the world of strength and conditioning. Currently, he is the president and director of strength and conditioning for The Warehouse Performance Institute in Hoover.

McCoy detailed the influence that Alabama football strength and conditioning coach Scott Cochran had on his career and Cochran’s advice about his career goals.

“If you don’t mind being broke for a couple of years, you’re going to make a lot of money in this business.” McCoy said.

The Crimson Tide wide receiver from 2006-2009 further elaborated on how his career evolved into where he is today.

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