We're reaching a point in sports where there's a lot of uncertainty about the future, especially as it relates to media and revenue. Rights fees are at an all-time high but more and more people are moving away from television.

Sports Illustrated Executive Editor Jon Wertheim wrote a story this week about that issue and specifically how it will affect college athletics. Here's a stark look at what might be coming:

Still, the college sports landscape will look different. The divide between the schools from the Power 5 conferences and the rest will widen. Nameplates, not 43-inch monitors, will festoon lockers. There will be fewer $600,000 strength coaches. Football players will have to nap in their dorm rooms. "The athletic department of tomorrow," says Hawkins, "could go through what Bristol is going through today.

Wertheim joined The Game to discuss this story and elaborate on his story. He and host Ryan Fowler had an interesting conversation about where college sports be headed and what it might mean for the University of Alabama.

It's a very interesting discussion that's worth your time. Check it out in the video below.