At the University of Alabama, things could not be going any better when it comes to their athletic department.  Just last year the program boasted four national championships, and is already off to a good start as the Crimson Tide have captured its 15th national championship in football.

In Knoxville, however, things are not going as well.  The Sports Business Daily reported that after losing football seasons and declining attendance, the program finds themselves in more than $200 million in debt.  Tennessee Columnist Bob Gilbert said the program's loose spending in recent years is as much the cause as anything.

Currently the University of Tennessee program sits with reserve funds of just under $2 million, the lowest in the Southeastern Conference.  The Sports Business Daily report also noted the department spends $21 million a year on debt payments, with $13.5 million from the school's stressed athletic budget.

While many helped the program get into the situation they are in, Gilbert puts plenty of blame on the man in charge, Athletic Director Dave Hart.

Formerly Hart had served as the Executive Director of Athletics at the University of Alabama and the Athletic Director at Florida State.

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