Alabama is preparing to enter the 2017 season with its sixth different offensive coordinator under Nick Saban and fans are wondering how things will look under Brian Daboll. 

The former New England Patriots assistant arrived in Tuscaloosa in February and had a chance to get acquainted with his players during spring camp, and fans got a small preview of his playcalling during A-Day.

But what else do we need to know about Daboll? Former NFL quarterback Brady Quinn played under Daboll in Cleveland and he joined The Game this week to share his thoughts on his ex-coach.

"The first thing I'd say is he works hours after hours and tirelessly at preparing and putting together a gameplan to find weaknesses in your opponent," Quinn told host Ryan Fowler. "So as far as how this team will be prepared, he won't stop at any end of watching film and looking at things and dissecting a defense. I think that's one of the reasons why you see Nick Saban's hired him."

Quinn also appreciates Daboll's complete understanding of the gameplan and how to execute it under any scenario.

"The next thing that I think he always brings and allows is he's got answers for every situation that you're going to come across as a football player on the field, whatever position. You know, for me obviously that's huge for a quarterback, but he's always able to have an answer for you in his system."

The quality that best fits Alabama, however, is Daboll's ability to adapt to his personnel. The Crimson Tide's roster is arguably the deepest in college football and there are endless weapons on the offensive side of the ball. Quinn believes that makes his offense especially difficult to prepare for.

"He's multiple. He can do and have all sorts of different concepts and things that he can put in his system with different personnel groupings, different formations, trick plays, that sort of thing. Defensive coordinators are going to have to be prepared for a bunch of different things that this offense will be able to do and they'll show from time to time."

Listen to the entire interview with Quinn in the video at the top of the page.