Cecil Hurt, of The Tuscaloosa News, joined Host of "Southern Fried Sports" Travis Reier Tuesday morning to talk some food, before discussing men's basketball and Alabama basketball's recent skills session.

With Steve Spurrier announcing he will be opening a restaurant and bar in Gainesville, Florida, the duo decided to assess some of the restaurants owned by coaches and sports stars.

"There have been some good ones," Hurt told Reier. "The Manning's I think are involved in it in New Orleans. I don't want to be Steve's pastry chef, I don't belief."

Click on the video above to listen to the full conversation between Reier and Hurt as they discussed: restaurants owned by sports stars, college basketball's waiver process and Alabama men's basketball's skill session from a week ago.

"Offensively they were playing with the new three-point line," Hurt told Reier about Alabama men's basketball skills session. "Petty had no problems. Reese shot the ball well, continues to shoot the ball well. Reese is really a skilled big guy."

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"I think the transfer portal is what bothers coaches," Hurt told Reier. "I think the  uncertainty of the waiver process is what bothers coaches, and what coaches want are grad transfers immediately available."

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