The Alabama football team enters another season as the oddsmakers' favorite to win a national championship, but not everything thinks the Crimson Tide will roll through the schedule in 2017. 

Joseph Lisi, a college football analyst and founder of, joined The Game recently to talk about the upcoming season and made a bold prediction about Nick Saban's team.

"I picked them 9-3 this year but winning the SEC West," Lisi told host Ryan Fowler. "People could think I'm crazy. I mean I based that off the fact that they lose 36.5 of the team's leading 54 sacks with Reuben Foster, Tomlinson, Allen, Ryan Anderson, Tim Williams. With that loss on the defensive side of the ball, I think it's going to be very difficult to just plug in players and make up for that production week number one of the season. And I think can lose three games in 2017."

The most difficult game on Alabama's schedule could very well be the opener against Florida State, which is one that Lisi thinks the Tide could struggle with. While he didn't make any specific predictions on which games would be losses, Lisi did say that LSU, at Auburn, at Texas A&M, and Arkansas would all be difficult matchups.

Listen to the full analysis on Alabama from Lisi in the video at the top of the page.

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