It's hard to believe that an offensive line in college football could have experienced bullying growing up, but that was the case for former Alabama center Bradley Bozeman.

The Roanoke, Alabama, native dealt with it in elementary school and now he is sharing his story to help kids that are dealing with similar experiences. Bozeman joined Smashmouth Radio on Thursday to explain why he's becoming more involved.

"I know what it's about," Bozeman told host Scott Griffin. "I know how hurtful and impactful it can be in your life. And with all of the things that around now, it's just so hard with the cyber bullying, the school shootings. The whole aspect of bullying itself, it's really important to get out there and show these kids that's not what everyone else thinks about you, it's about what you think of yourself."

Bozeman has been visiting schools this offseason and hopes to get to 15-25 schools before football ramps back up, but plans to continue the mission next offseason as well. The goal is to continue his football career at the next level with an NFL team and he's currently working towards that in between visits to schools.

Listen to the full conversation from Smashmouth Radio in the video below to find out more about his mission to combat bullying.


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