From 1995-2016, Tommy Tuberville roamed the sidelines as the head coach at Ole Miss, Auburn, Texas Tech and Cincinnati.

Tuberville posted a record of 159-99 in 22 seasons as a head coach including a combined mark of 110-60 at Ole Miss and Auburn. His most consistent period of success came at Auburn where he led the Tigers to two SEC Championship Game appearances including an SEC title in 2004 and a school record six straight wins over Alabama from 2002-2007.

On April 6, the former Auburn coach announced his candidacy for the US Senate seat currently being held by Democrat Doug Jones.

Tuberville took some time off the campaign trail and stepped Inside the Locker Room to discuss his campaign including why he is throwing his name into the race.

"I've done my career in coaching. I coached 40 years. I've traveled the country. I've actually had a job and that's a little bit different than most of our politicians in Washington. Most of them are career politicians. I don't want to be a career politician. I want to go up and help the state of Alabama. I chose to move back here after going out and doing my duty in terms of coaching other places, and I want to make a difference." Tuberville said.

Throughout his conversation with Wimp and Barry Sanderson, find out Tuberville's strategy for getting votes around the state, his views concerning President Donald Trump, the overall direction of America and how he plans to get his agenda heard if he is elected to the Senate

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