The World Cup is admired by so many people for its pageantry, the passion of the fans and players, and how the game of soccer brings together so many different cultures. However, there is a sort of fashion faux pas that runs rampant throughout the soccer world: bad hairdos.

Just like in any other sport, soccer players are known throughout the world for their looks. But when you're known more for your terrible hair instead of your skills, something may need to change, ASAP.

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    Kyle Beckerman

    United States

    I love Kyle Beckerman and how he plays. He's tough, aggressive, and is a moderately talented midfielder. But his hair... goodness gracious. It looks as if he took some grass clippings after cutting his yard, glued them to his head, then stuck his ol' noggin in the freezer for a couple hours.

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    Rodrigo Palacio


    Palacio is an underrated player for Argentina, mainly because All-Universe player Lionel Messi steals all the spotlight.

    But he sports a rat tail... Enough said.

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    Ermin Bičakčić

    Bosnia and Herzegovina

    I've seen fades before, but this is a mix between a fade and a flat-top 'do gone horribly bad. Bičakčić, I think I speak for everyone when I say, "I'd like to hit a pitching wedge off that patch of hair."

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    Look, I'm a huge fan of good afros, but when they look like you neglect any hair care whatsoever, you belong on this list. When a randomly shaken Wooly Willy has better hair then you, then something needs to change. Fellaini, you're a good player, but your new nickname should be "Mop."

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    Raul Meireles


    A good looking beard is hard to top. Mohawks are awesome, too. But when it looks as though you missed an entire strip while shaving your head, it gets you on a list of wild hairdos.

    That's an exquisite beard though, so Meireles does have that going for him.

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