The Alabama Crimson Tide celebrates its 17th National Championship Saturday, and as a way to mark the occasion, I thought I'd list 17 reasons why I think Alabama fans are the most #blessed in all of college football.

  1. Our Head Coach is the GOAT. All Hail Nick Saban.
  2. No program comes close to the Crimson Tide's success; it truly is a dynasty.
  3. Our stadium is gorgeous.
  4. We know how to win, which means we don't rush the field or tear down goalposts like those idiots in Oxford or Auburn.
  5. We don't have to wear stupid uniforms for "special" occasions, and our fans don't have to pull off stupid stunts like a "blackout" to ensure a win.
  6. Our Strength and Conditioning Coach is literally the greatest hype man of all time.
  7. There's nothing quite like singing "Sweet Home Alabama" or "Mr. Brightside" with 100,000 of your closest friends.
  8. Speaking of singing, is there any tradition greater than singing "Rammer Jammer" after a big win? Spoiler alert: the answer is NO.
  9. Our mascot is cooler than yours.
  10. Our band is, too.
  11. The Crimson Tide has also been home to another GOAT, the legendary Paul "Bear" Bryant.
  12. You can literally buy Dreamland BBQ in the stadium.
  13. We're not Tennessee.
  14. Tennessee has not beaten us since iPhones existed.
  15. We've been in the College Football Playoff every year since its inception.
  16. We trust the process.
  17. Bowl eligible isn't good enough for us--the season ain't over until we bring home the Natty.



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