After a second loss in the pre-season, the outlook for Alabama basketball is in question.

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Retired college basketball coach, Dave Odom, discussed the state of the Crimson Tide Monday morning on "Inside the Locker Room" with Wimp and Barry Sanderson.

"First of all, it's a young team," said Odom. "They had a complete roster turnover." Odom emphasized the fact that when a team changes their roster so drastically, they'll need time to adapt their style of play.

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Odom talked through the specifics of what the team is showing. "The ball does not go up and down the court as nearly as fast or as quick as it has in the past couple of years," he said. "Also, they don't shoot the ball quite as quick."

Odom said the team needs to get their guards under control, too. "They're trying to play some of the kids like a Grant Nelson," said Odom. "He's 6'11" and 230 pounds, but he's weak as water. When he gets inside trying to score, they muscled him pretty bad yesterday and forced him to the outside." Odom did shout out Nick Pringle and Sam Waters, though.

"Yesterday was a difficult game for them," said Odom. "It was totally a guards game on both ends. The guards for Wake Forest were just better yesterday, particularly in the second half."

Despite the criticism for the early season, Odom said Alabama fans shouldn't be worried about the team. "You got a great coach there, he'll figure out what to do with them," said Odom. "They're gonna win a lot of games."

Listen to the full interview with Dave Odom:

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