UA DB Malachi Moore is using the NCAA's new Name, Image, Likeness policy to help a local child from his hometown.

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Moore, a sophomore at UA, will be using the website MyGamedayShop to sell his jersey and other Alabama apparel, some signed, where 10% of the proceeds will go towards the treatment for Ford Bertram, a Trussville, Ala. native, battling leukemia.

Bertram was diagnosed with acute lymphocytic leukemia(ALL) in February of 2020. ALL is the most common form of cancer in children where bone marrow makes too many white blood cells and can't fight infections. The family uses the slogan, "built FORD tough" as a way to show the fight, resilience, and strength of Ford.

This is not the first time Moore has shown support for The Bertram Family. Two weeks after the National Championship game this year, Moore went to visit Bertram and his family to show his support, give him a gift, and meet the entire family.

The last update on the built Ford tough Facebook page, was in late June, saying "As you can see, Ford is doing great! We are still in the middle of treatment, but things are wonderful. Thank you for your continued prayers during Ford’s journey."

Moore is not the only UA football player to show support for the family. Holly Jones, the mother of former UA QB Mac Jones, donated to Bertram's GoFundMe in January of this past year as well, commenting "The Jones Family and our son, Mac, are thinking of you and and praying for you and your family."

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