SEC Meets in Birmingham Today To Talk Football
The SEC athletic directors met at the conference offices with Greg Sankey to discuss the upcoming football season and what it may look like in 2020. It was the first in-person meeting with the athletic directors since the cancellation of the SEC basketball tournament in March.
Georgia QB Granted Immediate Eligibility
With the cancellation of the scheduled season opening game between Alabama and Southern Cal and many people pondering how the 2020 schedule will play out, could the Crimson Tide's first game of the upcoming year be against the Georgia Bulldogs?

If Alabama ultimately opens up its season with t…
Jeff Sessions Advocates for Republican Nomination
Former Alabama Senator Jeff Sessions joined The Game with Ryan Fowler to discuss his policies, his time in Washington and the upcoming runoff with opponent Tommy Tuberville. Make sure you listen to the entire interview on Soundcloud or the Tide 100.9 Youtube Page.
Former High School Student Inspires Women's Wrestlers
Michaela Childs was part of a wrestling team at a middle school in California and grew up wanting to be active in the sport. She said, "I started with the very basics. I got the moves down pretty well, but I was going against kids with a lot more experience. I just had to keep going regardless.…
FedEx's Signage Could Be Removed From Redskins Stadium
The delivery services company FedEx is considering removing their signage from the Washington Redskins stadium, unless the team changes it's name. FedEx mailed a private letter to the team saying they want to take down their signs at the end of the 2020 NFL football season. The shipping company…
1918: The Spanish Flu Season
With the news of three major Power-5 conferences canceling their out-of-conference games for the upcoming college football season, I couldn’t help but reminisce on the 1918 college football season.

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