Despite the fact that Alabama is 9-0 this year and hasn't lost a regular season game since 2015, some people continue to question Jalen Hurts' abilities at quarterback. With talented freshman Tua Tagovailoa behind him, there have been calls for the Crimson Tide offense to utilize both players on offense.

This topic came up on The Gary Harris Show during a conversation with Cecil Hurt of The Tuscaloosa News. The longtime columnist weighed in on the topic and made it very clear how he feels about the criticism.

"Alabama could win the national championship with Jalen playing," Hurt told Gary Harris. "And it just reaches a point where you can blather about it all you want but the coaching staff and the head coach didn't think it would help them win the game to put him in against LSU. So if you know more than he does, great.

"But to sit there and say 'they can't do this unless they put the backup quarterback in' is the stupidest thing I ever heard. And if you anybody who's telling you that, tell them they're stupid. Thank you."

You can hear the full question and answer in this video below:

Hurt went on to say that no one knows how Tagovailoa will perform anymore than anyone else does and that people are just setting Jalen Hurts up for failure by saying these things.

For the year, Hurts has combined for more than 2,000 total yards and 17 total touchdowns while turning the ball over just once in 2017.

You can hear the entire conversation from The Gary Harris Show in the video below, which includes Collin Sexton, Alabama basketball's exhibition win, Alabama football, and more.

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