As we all know, NFL quarterbacks get paid handsomely based off of their performance after their rookie year. Most of the quarterbacks in the NFL get paid well over $20 million a year after signing their contract extension, not including their signing bonus. Some of the highest paid quarterbacks in the NFL include Deshaun Watson, Russell Wilson, and Matt Ryan.

It is no surprise that Patrick Mahomes is the highest paid QB in the league right now after signing a 10-year $450 million contract with the Kansas City Chiefs this year. Making a whopping $45 million a year, you would think he gets paid enough for his job as the QB for the Kansas City Chiefs, but the Ravens defensive coordinator, Don Martindale, thinks otherwise.

"They could have paid him a billion, and I still think he would be underpaid," says Martindale. "The mobile-type quarterbacks, you have to defend the first play, the second play and sometimes the third play," Martindale said. "With the way he throws the football, you have to stay on your coverage no matter what. He can be on one side of the field and throw all the way across the other."

This describes Patrick Mahomes exactly. He is definitely the most threatening quarterback in the league right now and his performance shows it. Mahomes passed for 377 yards in 2018, that is the most against a Martindale defense and he threw for 374 yards last season. The Ravens have only sacked Mahomes four times with 96 drop-backs.

Mahomes' athleticism and ability to extend the play has definitely made an impression on the Raven's defensive coordinator. He has the highest paid contract in NFL history with a value of almost half of a billion dollars. Does Mohomes' ability as a quarterback far outweigh the value of his contract?

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