Even though it's been nearly two weeks since Jalen Hurts rescued Alabama's SEC Championship from the jaws of the Georgia Bulldogs, lessons about grit, determination and perseverance and determination are still being noticed across the country.

During his visit on Inside the Locker Room earlier this week, Auburn head basketball coach Bruce Pearl discussed the lessons of Jalen Hurts and how quickly he relayed those lessons to his team.

"The very first practice, the very next day, we talked about it and we did talk about what was some of the characteristics that we had heard that Jalen (Hurts) possessed.." Pearl said.

After mentioning the dialogue inside the Auburn basketball team of the conversation about Jalen Hurts, Pearl touched on the key lessons of Jalen Hurts.

"It was a lot easier to be Jalen when he was playing and winning and starring. It was a lot harder to be a great teammate when he wasn't and yet he did, and so he took advantage of that opportunity to demonstrate his character and then the second thing is he stayed right and he stayed ready." Pearl said.

According to Auburn's head basketball coach, Hurts demonstrated a primary trait involving character.

"Adversity reveals character. It doesn't build character. So when you have an opportunity and you're going through something adverse, you have an opportunity to shine and separate yourself from everybody." Pearl said.

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