With less than three weeks until Alabama kicks off the season against USC, Tuscaloosa News sports editor Cecil Hurt offered his perspective on Alabama’s fall camp in a wide ranging interview on The Gary Harris Show.

As the Crimson Tide looks for a starting quarterback, Hurt specified what it means for the eventual starting signal caller to give his team the best chance to win.

“You have to evaluate exactly what’s meant by best chance to win. Sometimes that’s created by giving yourself the least chance to lose and playing the guy who understands the offense, who doesn’t turn the ball over and so forth.” Hurt said.

The Tuscaloosa News sports editor highlighted one of Nick Saban’s primary characteristics that he looks for in his quarterback.

“Nick (Saban) never fails to talk about guys winning the team, winning the locker room, winning the respect of their teammates.” Hurt said.

With five national championships under his belt, Nick Saban has an opportunity to tie Paul Bryant’s mark of six national championships this season. As a sportswriter that has covered both Bryant and Saban, Hurt compared the similarities and differences involving the two coaches.

The veteran Alabama football observer detailed a key similarity that separates both Saban and Bryant from their coaching peers.

“I think the similarity is that it’s one thing to be a coach that tells kids what to do, but if you’re a big enough coach in a big enough personality, it’s not just that kids will do it, it’s that they’ll believe in it. It’s they’ll believe that that’s the way you be successful. The way you get to that point is to win championships. There’s a different way that a player reacts to a head coach who they believe in and one who they just obey, and they both have that personality that players want to do what that coach says because they have that belief.” Hurt said.

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