Charles Barkley has long been known as a charismatic and outspoken television analyst that will weigh in on any number of topics. It's that personality which has helped him become a fan-favorite across the state, despite his allegiance to Auburn. But Barkley toed the line of tastelessness again last night on TNT's Inside the NBA.

When the show began and the TNT team came on camera, Barkley had his head wrapped in a bandage with fake blood painted on. What he said next will likely offend people on both sides of the state:

"Being the Auburn guy that I am, I want to be first class. I went down to The University of Alabama to congratulate the Crimson Tide on winning the BCS Championship, and I got mugged. I got mugged in Tuscaloosa, Ernie (Johnson), and my credit cards are missing."

Do you think Barkley was out of line with his act?

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