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Charles Barkley is widely loved by the Auburn family. Barkley was a phenomenal basketball player at Auburn University and then went on to be an NBA star. He obviously is a huge Tigers fan and is not so fond of the Tide. Recently, he had an interview with Morten Anderson on Great Dane Nation, a weekly podcast. 

Throughout the podcast, Barkley explains how Auburn just isn’t quite as good as Alabama, and that needed to be accepted. He admits that Alabama has “the greatest football coach in the world over there in Tuscaloosa.” The rivalry is a big deal in the state of Alabama, fans from each side feel very passionate about it. The iron bowl is like a holiday in the state of Alabama. Just to get a glimpse of how Barkley feels about Alabama, below is the video of him announcing his bracket picks. 

He explains a quote that he had recently heard. He wants Auburn fans to listen and apply this quote when it comes to the rivalry.

“The sun and the moon are not in competition with each other, you need to shine when it’s your time to shine”.

Auburn fans just can’t seem to accept this fact according to Barkley. He adds that “Alabama is Alabama, we never gonna be Alabama”.

Barkley advises the tigers to not “go around living your life trying to compare yourself to what’s going on over across the state, they got the goat over there.” He finishes the interview by saying “that’s our biggest problem”.

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