In recent years, college football has seen a variety of rules changes that has altered the way the game is played.

A recent article from Dennis Dodd of explores the possibility of eliminating kickoffs from the sport of football due to player safety.

Although the NFL and the NCAA have not formally made a move to remove kickoffs, Pop Warner, America’s largest youth football organization, banned the use of kickoffs in their games in May.

During Tuesday’s edition of Southern Fried Sports, former NFL kicker Michael Husted gave his perspective about the kicking game and the future of kickoffs.

The longtime NFL kicker touched on the symbolic aspect of kickoffs to football and how it plays a strategic role in a football game.

As the NCAA and the NFL have moved kickoffs to the 35-yard line and allowed for touchbacks to advance to the 25-yard line, Husted noted an unintended consequence of the move regarding strategy.

“I already know NFL kickers that I work with that they’re being told to start practicing the pop-up kickoff to have it go nice and high about the goal line, so now you don’t concede the extra five yards so you can get it inside the 25-yard line.” Husted said.

He also relayed how the option of playing on special teams helped past teammates acquire an NFL roster spot.

“I remember specifically a handful of guys that were on our team whether in Tampa or Oakland when I played there that made the roster specifically because of their special teams play.” Husted said.

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