It's almost 'time' to experience Pink Floyd's 'Dark Side of the Moon,' as presented by The Black Jacket Symphony! This one night concert event is Friday night at Bama Theatre, Downtown Tuscaloosa.

They've been to Birmingham to perform in front of packed houses, and now they're coming to us, in Tuscaloosa! It's almost 'time' for a unique concert experience delivered by a talented group of musicians and performers!

As described by The Black Jacket Symphony, they "offer a unique concert experience through the recreation of classic albums as a live performance. A selected album is performed in its entirety, by a group of hand-picked musicians, specifically selected for each album. Each musician masters the fine details of the album to ensure it is performed as sonically perfect as it was recorded.

The performance is separated into two sets, the first set features the album recreated as a true symphonic piece. The second set, featuring a selection of the album artist’s “greatest hits”, opening the band to a more relaxed atmosphere, where the accompanying lighting and video effects deliver to the audience a truly epic rock performance."

Wanna go? Listen to Tide 99.1, as we continue to hand out concert tickets during The Chris Stewart Show (between Noon and 2pm) and The Game with Ryan Fowler (after 6pm). You may even win FRONT ROW seats! How cool would that be? You'd right up there in the action. It doesn't end there. We have another way for you to win, and it's through our Crimson Club! If you're not signed up yet, it's free and easy.

To purchase tickets, visit or charge by phone at 877-4-FLY-TIX.

The doors open at 7pm Friday night (9/12) and the show starts at 8pm.

Below, is a sample of what to expect!

The Black Jacket Symphony presents "Time"

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