Al Dupont has served Tuscaloosa for over 50 years as a land surveyor, assistant city engineer, public works director, and finally as long-serving Mayor.

Dupont was born in Louisiana and grew up in the Depression which he credits was the spark that drove him to work for the common good of people.

Archives, Mayor Al DuPont
Archives, Mayor Al DuPont

It was his service during WWII that led Mayor DuPont to Tuscaloosa. Serving as a medic, he landed on Omaha beach and was wounded by shrapnel and machine gun fire. In addition to the scars that still mar his flesh, his two Purple Hearts serve to remind him of the events that happened that day. The injuries on his legs required skin crafts and he arrived at Northington General Hospital in Tuscaloosa. Upon his discharge, he met and married Tuscaloosa native Susie Margaret McLeod.

After a brief return home to Louisiana, Mayor DuPont and his bride returned to Tuscaloosa where he finished his degree at the University of Alabama.

During the April 27th tornado, Mayor DuPont lost the home he'd lived in since 1955, but he insisted his roots were in Cedar Crest and true to his word, the former mayor of over 24 years rebuilt and continues to live there today.

We're honored to feature you as our Hometown Hero, Mayor DuPont. We thank you for your service to our wonderful community and your dedication to our country.

God Bless.

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