As Alabama fans look forward to another season of Crimson Tide football in 12 weeks, Alabama basketball is looking ahead to a preseason trip

The Crimson Tide will spend eight days in Canada and play a total of three games during that trip.

Alabama assistant basketball coach John Pelphrey discussed the upcoming trip during his visit on The Gary Harris Show.

“It’s going to be a big deal. We’re working towards that now.” Pelphrey stated.

While Alabama’s 2017-2018 roster is less than two months away from embarking on their trip to Canada, the Crimson Tide’s 2017 signing class rolled on to campus over the past couple of weeks. Pelphrey summarized the process involved in identifying their intangibles on the recruiting trail.

“It’s such a long process. You identify these guys, then you start to kind of figure out what’s their DNA?” Pelphrey said.

Pelphrey also posed some critical questions relating to the incoming freshman class and how well they can blend in with the team.

“We got to find out how committed are we to winning as a group? Can we continue to sacrifice, and grow and come together? Can we create this chemistry or is this going to organically happen?” Pelphrey said.

Pelphrey also discussed the potential for Alabama basketball under Avery Johnson, life in the SEC as a coach and former player and his past ties to Alabama.

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