Nick Saban brought in Michael Phelps and Larry Fitzgerald as the first two speakers for fall camp this year. The third speaker to talk to the team had a different background than the first two. Sports reporter, Maria Taylor, spoke to the Alabama football team Thursday evening.

Many fans remember the moment at the beginning of the 2018 season when Coach Saban blew up on Taylor for asking what he thought about his quarterbacks following the blowout win over Louisville. Saban immediately called Taylor to apologize and there seems to be a mutual respect between the two presently. Saban doesn't choose his speakers lightly as he wants to make sure the people he brings in has a strong message that can help his players.

Taylor talked to the team about facing critics and her journey as a Black female sports reporter in a male dominated field.

As one of the few POC female sports reporters, Taylor's served as a trailblazers for minorities looking to get into this business. Taylor made headlines last fall after former colleague Rachel Nichols claimed ESPN gave Taylor more opportunities because of her race.  She later left ESPN "after both parties failed to reach an agreement on a contract extension," per CBS News.

Taylor worked at ESPN for 7 years before joining NBC Sports last year.

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