As Greg Sankey and the SEC continue full speed ahead with their plans to play the 2020 football season, the students on campus are also doing their part.

According to an article by Michael Casagrande of, the University of Alabama's System schools early test results show a low positivity rate for students who have been tested prior to their return back onto campus.

So far, approximately 30,000 students have been tested, returning a 0.83 percent positivity rate or roughly 249 positive tests according to a spokesperson from GuideSafe Entry. reports the 14-day positivity rate at 10.45 percent currently.

According to Casagrande's findings through GuideSafe another 35,000 tests are being processed with the total tests expected to be around 165,000 prior to classes starting on August 19.

It’s clear that the University of Alabama System is currently doing everything in their power to prevent the spread of this deadly virus on campus this fall.

With classes set to begin a week from today, UA students received an email this evening discussing how mask distribution will go for the first couple weeks of the semester.

The university plans on using multiple on-campus sites to distribute roughly around 60,000 mask coverings.

I had my test done last Friday at the East Campus Storm Shelter, and I was impressed at how smooth and professional the process was. Between the time I parked my car and the time I walked back to my car to leave, it had taken less than five minutes.

Prior to walking into the testing facility, they'll have you sanitize your hands, then you'll follow the arrows on the ground that tell you when and where to go next.

When they're ready to meet with you, you'll go up to the staff and present your I.D. and your appointment confirmation email.

After that's taken care of, they'll point you towards the official testing area in the back of the building.

You will be instructed to swab each nostril for 10 seconds, then you'll drop your nasal sample into a testing bin, and you're good to go.

Test results are expected to be sent out via email within five days, but I received my negative result in less than 48 hours.

If testing continues to go well and the numbers remain relatively low, we should have the green light to see the Crimson Tide play in Bryant Denny stadium this fall.

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