Well look who's in the news again after making controversial comments about a team in the SEC.

Danny Kanell, former ESPN college football analyst, is making headlines after jumping in the middle of the overplayed national championship feud between Alabama and Central Florida. The former Florida State quarterback has never been one to shy away from a hot take and the offseason doesn't seem to slow him down.

On Wednesday - one day after Nick Saban dismissed UCF's championship claim - Kanell decided to weigh in on the topic.

As you can imagine, he got a rise out of a lot of fans on social media on both sides of the argument. The Alabama championship debate is one that fans of schools without titles like to cling to, and Kanell played right into that.

But former Alabama fullback and 1992 national champion Martin Houston took issue with what was said. He decided to take a few minutes to address those comments during his show on Tide 102.9. Take a listen in the video below.

Is this debate between Alabama and UCF even worth talking about anymore?