Tis the season for toe meeting leather, Alabama facing Auburn on a late November Saturday afternoon and for family and friends coming together at the dinner table for Thanksgiving.

While many of us are eagerly awaiting the top ranked Alabama Crimson Tide racing out of the tunnel to face the Auburn Tigers, we also can't wait to devour the turkey, ham, dressing, pumpkin pie, sweet potato pie and the other delicious treats that comes with the holiday season.

Each and every Friday during football season, former SEC assistant coach Max Howell provides his commentary on what to expect from the 14 teams around the conference and serves his trademark "What's for Supper?" dishes Inside the Locker Room.

A recent trend that has captivated the country during the Thanksgiving season involves frying your turkey.

During Monday's edition of the program, Max Howell detailed his methods to frying turkey including instructions on where to fry your turkey.

"Outside first. I'd do it on a concrete floor. It's dangerous guys. I'm telling you." Howell said.

The former SEC assistant coach emphasized the importance of making sure your turkey is dry before dropping the bird in the oil.

"The bird itself, you better pat it dry, better not have any water, be completely defrosted if you get a frozen one." Howell said.

Howell then described what he utilizes in seasoning the turkey.

"I use a seasoned rub and/or I use thousand island dressing that's already got the herbs and spices in it, and I soak the inside very well." Howell said.

After estimating the time it would take to fully fry a turkey, Inside the Locker Room's SEC football analyst mentioned how he can tell when his fried turkey is ready for the Thanksgiving dinner.

"I either stick a thermometer in it, needs to be about 160 degrees in the breast or I'll take a knife and cut into it." Howell said.

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MCT via Getty Images
MCT via Getty Images

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