Tuscaloosa's Band of Brothers Brewing debuted their flagship 'Monk on the Radio Belgian Blonde' in September of 2015 and after months of prep, it's being bottled and shipped.

Since its debut, the beer named after me has been one of the most popular selling beers in Tuscaloosa! I cannot express with words how much of an honor it has been hearing people order "The Monk" when they belly up to the bar. I also smile from ear-to-ear when the bartender points at me and says, "You know that's Monk on the radio right?" This beer and the relationship I have grown with Tuscaloosa's third brewery has brought me a plethora of new friends and a story to tell everyone who wants to listen.

'Monk on the Radio' has been on tap across the state of Alabama for over a year now and after about 7 months of building a bottling machine, the beer engineers at Band of Brothers are packing up the popular spicy blonde in bottles for shipment.

See a cool video of the building and bottling process from start to finish by clicking here.

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