Baltimore Ravens nose tackle Terrence Cody is currently under investigation following reports of animal cruelty. Reported by the Baltimore Sun, Cody's investigation concerns the death of his dog. Though Cody hasn't been charged with anything, the Ravens didn't cite a specific reason for cutting him.

Cody's agent, Peter Schaffer, said that even though they don't blame the Ravens, there is a palpable sense of hysteria in the NFL. Schaffer said that the dog's death has had a deeply emotional impact on Cody.

"He loves his dog," Schaffer told the Baltimore Sun. "Why would he have the dog treated otherwise? This guy is the salt of the Earth. You would hope the state attorney in Maryland would be investigating the real crime and real issues. I would hope for the citizens of Baltimore County and Baltimore City that they would expect their public tax dollars to be used on real criminal issues."

The Ravens will terminate Cody's contract after the Super Bowl.

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