Following Alabama's national championship in 1992, the football program fell on hard times winning just one SEC title until Nick Saban's arrival in Tuscaloosa in 2007.

The man that was largely responsible for carrying the Crimson Tide to an SEC Championship in 1999 paid a visit Inside the Locker Room to close out the week to discuss a number of topics including his career in Tuscaloosa and in the NFL.

Sean Alexander paved his way into the annals of Alabama football history with a school record 291 yards against LSU in 1996, rushed for a single game school record five touchdowns against BYU to open the 1998 season and finished his career as the program's all-time leading rusher.

The former Alabama running back recalled his breakout night in Baton Rouge as a freshman.

"They put me into spots, and then I had the LSU game where both Dennis (Riddle) and Curtis (Alexander), and they threw me in the game and it kind of just rolled from there. It was beautiful and wonderful." Alexander said.

Earlier in August, the Football Writers Association of America announced the formation of the Shaun Alexander Award which will go to the top freshman in college football. Alexander summarized how the FWAA decided to come up with the award.

"They all got together and they said that they wanted a guy that just was fully talented but that they wanted a guy that had character. His ability would make him an ambassador to the school, even when he was gone, and also be a guy that would perform well in the pros." Alexander said.

Throughout his conversation with Wimp and Barry Sanderson, Alexander reflected on his decision to sign with Alabama, how meaningful his time in Tuscaloosa was and what he is doing today.

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