I'll admit, this was a tough one for me to write. I must have stared at my computer for a solid 30 minutes before putting the words on the screen. I have been thinking a lot about life and how I personally have been living it since this past Friday night. When you lose a legend like Fluff, it makes you evaluate and think.

I have always loved sports. It has been something that has shaped my life and even my decision making at times. My wife and I had our first date at a Major League Baseball game and were avid Tampa Bay Buccaneers season ticket holders until moving to Alabama. Local sports has always been a passion of mine, but no one personified passion like Luke.

I remember the first time I saw him in action. He was standing on top of some chairs inside Coleman Coliseum giving a speech to the students on being a fan, what to do, and how to do it. I was super impressed with his ability to draw a crowd. Fast-forward a few weeks later I was covering Alabama Women's Basketball for Tide.

This is when I formally met Luke for the first time. He was everything I hoped he would be. Funny, knowledgeable, and just an all-around good guy to talk with. So much so that the lights were gonna go out because we talked for over 30 minutes. I would see him continually at different sporting events and nothing ever changed. Whether it was yelling at the opposing team or clapping when a call went Bama's way, Luke made the experience not just for the students, but everyone around him fun.

So why am I writing this? Well it's simple really. Luke's legacy should teach us to treasure every moment of every day. Not only that, we should all support every Alabama sports team we possibly can. Luke taught us to be passionate about sports and make it not only a tough place to play, but to have fun and enjoy it. That is what I will remember about him.

So the next time you're at a sporting event, no matter what it is, have fun. Cheer loud. Be passionate. Above all else, remember that it was Luke who taught us one thing:

"What a freaking ride it has been." Cameron Luke Ratliff- (Twitter 2021)


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