Alabama Football is almost BACK, friends, and we've got our first home game of the season Saturday, September 11, when the Mercer Bears come to Tuscaloosa. 

There are few things greater than Tuscaloosa on a home game Saturday--the smell of barbecue in the distance, the chill in the air, the frequent shouts of "ROLL TIDE." It seems like everyone and their mother is in the City of Champions to tailgate or watch the Tide roll.

Here are the 11 types of fans you'll meet at an Alabama Home Game

The Darryl: usually wearing jorts and a Bama shirt he bought at Wal-Mart. He has one of those weird visors on and a pair of off-brand Oakleys and is VERY proudly walking around telling everyone he refuses to wear a mask in Bryant-Denny this season even though he couldn't get a ticket to any game.

The Karen: Daryl's wife. She has a fanny pack and a whole lotta sass. Karen can be seen yelling at the poor kids working concessions because her Diet Coke just didn't have enough syrup.

CFP National Championship
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The Anna Grace: dressed to perfection. Her heels are worth more than two of your monthly mortgage payments. She is proudly displaying a sticker that displays her sorority's love for the Tide but is never seen in the stadium past the third quarter.

The Trevor: always in a blazer, khakis, and slightly buzzed. He has a MAGA sticker on but cannot name any local or state elected officials.

AllState Sugar Bowl - Clemson v Alabama
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The Heather: usually in a cardigan and heels. She's very vocal about her glory days as a UA student and although you may think she's a Karen at first glance, you're wrong. She's actually cool as hell and will let you have a sip of Jack Daniels from her weird bracelet flask.

The James: Sugar Daddy with box seats. He is dressed exclusively in game day apparel from The Shirt Shop.

The Spencer: has on a polo shirt and khakis that are, like, just a little too short. He does not know how to maintain and has had too much before kickoff. You'll see him hitting on every girl he meets and is VERY loudly telling anyone about how wrecked he got in the Boom Boom Room last night. His last five texts are from his mom.

The Emma Leigh: 21 but has two kids, both of whom are a) dressed in matching crimson gingham outfits and b) crying and screaming the entire game

Florida Atlantic v Alabama
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The Ryan: former football player. He's extremely friendly and super cool.

The Meghan: This wild woman rarely makes it past the tailgate, but can occasionally be seen in the bathroom of BDS telling random girls how pretty they are, as the more she drinks the more supportive she becomes.

The Alex: dude actually came to watch the game. He has on gear from The Locker Room and will share his minis with you while you talk SEC football.

Did I miss anyone? Hit me up with our station app chat and let me know!

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