Tide 99.1 invites you to a night with The Black Jacket Symphony on Friday, September 12th at Bama Theatre in Tuscaloosa!

As detailed on their website, The Black Jacket Symphony offers a unique concert experience through the recreation of classic albums as a live performance. A selected album is performed in its entirety, by a group of hand-picked musicians, specifically selected for each album. Each musician masters the fine details of the album to ensure it is performed as sonically perfect as it was recorded.

The performance is separated into two sets, the first set features the album recreated as a true symphonic piece. The second set, featuring a selection of the album artist’s “greatest hits”, opening the band to a more relaxed atmosphere, where the accompanying lighting and video effects deliver to the audience a truly epic rock performance.

The Black Jacket Symphony presents Pink Floyd's "Dark Side of the Moon" for its upcoming Tuscaloosa show. This is no white glove symphony. Come see these top notch rock musicians recreate this classic album live note-for-note and sound-for-sound with first class lighting and video production.

Get your tickets NOW through Ticketfly.com or charge by phone at 877-4-FLY-TIX.

Here's a sample of what to expect!

The Black Jacket Symphony presents "Time"

Why wait until Friday to purchase tickets, get the pre-sale code and buy them on Thursday (May 15th)! Just click the link below.


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