The talking season is almost over. In just a few days, opinions will have to give way to actions.

Right now, however, everyone is on equal footing. That includes 25-point underdog Louisville, who will face No. 1 Alabama on Saturday night in Orlando. Most everyone is writing off the Cardinals, but there's plenty of confidence within the program. We already heard head coach Bobby Petrino say he believes his team will win. Now we have players taking it a step further.

"I understand that they have a good d-front but we've gotta great o-line," offensive lineman Lukayus McNeil told reporters on Tuesday. "So if we can dominate up front then we're not worried about that defensive front."

So can they dominate Alabama's strong defensive line that features 6-foot-5 Isaiah Buggs, 6-foot-4 Quinnen Williams, and 6-foot-7 Raekwon Davis?

"Definitely," McNeil continued. "I definitely think we're capable of starting fast and dominating that defensive line."

Louisville will feature an offensive line that averages 6-foot-5 and 323 pounds on Saturday night, but can they back up the talk? We'll find out at 7 p.m. on ABC.

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