Politics and football have become intertwined with players kneeling during the national anthem as a sign of protest. The movement took over the NFL on Sunday with every game and highlight show discussing the topic.

Although it's primarily been limited to the NFL so far, Alabama head coach Nick Saban was asked about politics in football on Monday.

"Some of the things we do in our country, I grew up, they were unifying events and it's a little painful to see those things are not so right now," Saban said. "But I also respect everyone's right not to be censored in terms of the way they express their beliefs."

Saban didn't specifically talk about his program or players, but he did offer up this bit of wisdom.

"I'm just a coach. I don't have all the answers to all the questions. I know that most good things come out of love and respect and compassion and unifying people. And most bad things come out of hate and dislike and deceit. Hopefully we can sort of focus on the above and not the below."

You can watch his full conference to start Ole Miss game week here. 

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