One day after Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice sat out of the team's season-opening loss to the Cincinnati Bengals as part of his two game domestic violence suspension, TMZ has released the video of the incident from February. Now that people are able to see the full video of the incident from inside the elevator, many are outraged at the punishment.

Before you watch the video, be warned that it's very disturbing. Rice and his then-fiancée are seen arguing as they enter an elevator at an Atlantic City hotel in February. Just moments after the doors closes, Rice strikes her first. As soon as she lunges towards him to retaliate, he punches her in the face, causing her to collapse to the floor.

You then see Rice dragging her motionless body out of the elevator, leaving her face down with her feet blocking the elevator door from closing. She finally comes to, but it takes a full minute before anyone even shows the least bit of compassion towards this woman that had been knocked unconscious.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell handed down a two-game suspension over the summer that nearly everyone outside of Baltimore scoffed at. In fact, Ravens fans even gave their Pro-Bowler a standing ovation when he returned to the practice field following the punishment.

The NFL tried to quell some of the criticism by taking a harder stance on domestic violence moving forward, but this video has already stirred up the public's anger once again.