This week, the NFL shocked organizations by putting out a memo to each of the 32 teams with official training camp start dates.  With the actual likelihood of an NFL season unknown at this point, this was a huge step in the right direction for the return of sports.

Rookies are set to return on Tuesday, July 21, with quarterbacks and injured players coming back July 23, and, finally, all remaining players will report to camp on July 28.  Houston and Kansas City, the two teams mentioned at the end of the memo are set to have their rookies and quarterbacks report earlier on Monday, July 20 on account of these two teams playing the season opener on September 10.

As of now, the NFL is still planning to play two preseason games with each team with preseason week one being August 20-24 and week two being August 27-31.  This is likely subject to change, but for now the NFL is moving forward as usual.  The NFLPA and NFL are continuing to work together on COVID-19 safety protocols, including banning postgame jersey swaps between players.

Reporting for training camp is the first step of many to bringing the NFL back, so depending on how the next few weeks look for the NFL we could be seeing professional football this fall.  The NFL, of all the major sports leagues, seems the most eager to get back to business as usual, but also seems to be taking the least amount of precautions.  If the NFL is able to successfully return to play and keep their players, coaches, and fans safe, it will be a huge breakthrough for professional and collegiate sports coming back this year.

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