The new $5 billion SoFi Stadium is definitely a sight to behold. Construction of the main building and concourse was finished  just in time before the start of the 2020 season. The 300-acre project is not yet completed but it is expected to cost around $5.3 billion. This will be the first time that the Rams and Los Angeles Chargers will host a game since the stadium's recent completion.

The designers and engineers behind this massive project sought out to build the most comfortable and alluring stadium in the world. The stadium itself is around 3.1 million square feet in space. Not to mention the 900ft from the turf to the ceiling. I don't think Johnny Hekker will have any problems with punting the ball too high!

The stadium also includes a colossal scoreboard that is the perfect centerpiece of the building. The scoreboard weighs a whopping two million pounds! You may be wondering how this hefty screen will not fall from the ceiling, but architect Lance Evans says that it is held from the roof with several optimized belts and suspenders. The stadium also has 16 massive panels that open and close depending on the weather so that fans can enjoy the outside weather on a nice day.

Another feature that makes this stadium so spectacular are the views that fans will have from their seats. As we all know, Los Angeles is home of the Hollywood sign atop Mount Lee. Well the fans will have a clear view of this landmark from their seats during the daytime. Not only will they be able to see the Hollywood sign but they will get a clear view of the beautiful city of Los Angeles as they enjoy watching their favorite team play.

Watch Jared Goff of the LA Rams as he tours the nearly-completed SoFi Stadium:


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