Did you know that they filmed the background sots for Mad Max: Fury Road on McFarland Boulevard on a Thursday afternoon? Here are 5 other facts every Tuscaloosa driver knows:

1. No matter what your destination may be, you will encounter road work. 

You know the expression, "nothing in life is certain except death and taxes?" Add roadwork. I literally cannot go ANYWHERE without passing through at least one construction zone.

2. 65% of drivers are unable to use a turn signal.

Doesn't matter if it's a little granny in a Cadillac or a college dude in a dualy, I PROMISE you that somebody's gonna cut you off without using a turn signal. This mess happens so frequently that I wonder if the standard equipment package of today's vehicles includes turn signals.

3. There is no such thing as "Southern Hospitality" on the roadways.

Need someone to let you over into the other lane? Hoping for a kind soul to let you back on Skyland after your Taco Casa stop? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA GOOD LUCK, PAL. It's every man for himself on these streets. TRUST.

4. People actually think that tailgating you will make you drive faster.

Shoutout to the dude who gets thisclose to your rear bumper. It's a super courteous way to drive, right? Why do people do this, and why does it happen all the time? I don't drive like a great-grandma. I usually do at least 10 over the speed limit, but yet I still encounter some idiot who's trying to give my car a rectal exam on the daily.

5. Traffic sucks all year long.

People who tell you the traffic gets better in the summer "when the students are gone" are LIARS. I was stuck on Skyland Boulevard for TWENTY-FIVE MINUTES yesterday because traffic was waiting to turn onto 69 South.

6. Traffic light tickets are a scam. 

I recently received a ticket for running a red light, and yet... the time stamp was when I was at work. No one else had driven my car, so... ???? And did I mention that the bill came from Massachusetts? GARBAGE.

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