We're challenging y'all to become St. Jude Partners in Hope. Your little donation makes a huge difference and enables St. Jude to continue its incredible mission of finding cures and saving lives.

I was able to visit St. Jude Children's Research Hospital in Memphis, Tennessee last month, and it was incredible. I learned SO much about St. Jude and the work they do--and I had NO IDEA how special this place truly is until I got to see it for myself. I want to share 5 things y'all probably didn't know about St. Jude.

1. St. Jude pays for EVERYTHING.

Parents do not receive a SINGLE bill from St. Jude. Families do not have to pay for treatment, travel, housing or food. St. Jude makes sure that all parents have to worry about is their children. They're committed to taking care of these kids, every step of the way.

2. St. Jude has its own school.

St. Jude wants to make sure kids keep up their classwork while they're receiving treatment. The hospital works closely with teachers back home to continue daily lesson plans. Kids stay on track with their schools' curriculum, and St. Jude even helps kids celebrate special milestones like graduation.

3. St. Jude hosts its own prom every year.

St. Jude patients have a chance to be like any other teenager on prom night. They receive dresses or tuxes, and they have professionals come to do hair and makeup. It's a special night for some truly special kids.

4.The Kay Kafe is magic.

St. Jude's cafeteria, Kay Kafe, is centrally located in the hospital. It's where patients, parents, nurses, and doctors dine together. St. Jude is so committed to caring for kids that they'll cook up whatever they want, whenever they want it. If a chemo patient wants Cheetos pizza at 2 a.m., she gets Cheetos pizza at 2 a.m. If a kid recovering from surgery wants mac & cheese like his nana makes, they'll call her to get the recipe. It's just another way St. Jude goes above and beyond.

5. Patients aren't the only ones who receive special treatment at St. Jude.

The staff at St. Jude knows how hard fighting cancer can be for a patient's entire family, and that's why they work to take care of every member. The hospital offers special support programs for parents and siblings. If a patient receives a Christmas gift from the hospital, then his/her brother gets a present, too. Even the hospital rooms are specially designed with an adjacent room with extra beds and work space for the family.

St. Jude Children's Research Hospital cannot do all these amazing things without you. Please become a Partner in Hope today with a $20 monthly pledge. Call 1-800-372-4999 now or click HERE to sign up online.

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