The Alabama football team wrapped up its first scrimmage on Saturday afternoon and they'll use the film to continue working on improving areas of need.

Monday gave the media a chance to catch up with a few players, including offensive lineman Jonah Williams, to find out how they assessed Saturday's performance.

"I think both that units had good days," Williams said. "I think that's what you want to see out of a balanced team is you kinda want to have the offense making plays and the defense making plays. And I would say there was a good combination of both."

The junior complimented the offensive line but cautioned that it's about evaluating each player to make sure they're improving each day.

"I think we did well. It's the first scrimmage. We're less than 10 days into camp so I think that obviously there's a lot to clean so we watched the film.

"You can't look at the big picture and say, 'Did the O-line do well?' You know what I mean? You have to look at it as each individual guy has X, Y, and Z to work on."


Check out the video above to hear everything Williams said before the team went back out to the practice field for day nine of fall camp.