ESPN's Sports Science is running a series leading up the NFL Draft later this month featuring some of the athletic 'freaks' of this draft class. The first player spotlighted is former Alabama offensive tackle DJ Fluker.

In case you've never seen these Sports Science segments, they are exactly as they sound and it's pretty fascinating stuff. The host John Brenkus invites athletes from all sports to help demonstrate just how talented these people are by breaking them down scientifically.

Alabama fans have come appreciate just how athletic the 6'5", 340 pound Fluker is by watching manhandle defensive lineman with strength and quickness. Now the rest of the country will understand just how destructive Fluker can be. During the segment, Brenkus tests his reaction time and quickness off the ball to begin. Then he moves to the force that he can deliver when full speed and the amount he can withstand from a 300-pound heavy bag moving more than 12 mph.

The metrics are all a bit nontraditional when it comes analyzing a football player, but they do a good job of emphasizing just how powerful these players are. Watch Sports Science's entire segment on DJ Fluker here.


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