Uniforms in the NFL has always been one of the biggest parts of the game. Which sounds weird to say, as the play on the field has always has to be stellar to put people in the stands.

The NFL's rules on uniforms and helmets have gotten more strict in years past, but it looks like things could soon be changing for the most important part: the helmet.

Adam Schefter tweeted out today that the NFL has approved a rule that could pave the way for the unis of old to be brought into the present.

This certainly excites me, as the Atlanta Falcon red helmets could make a return, with matching red unis, and those would look clean. Another example of a classic uni possibly coming back would be the return of silver Seahawks helmets.

The possibilities are endless, and with the NFL approving this rule, many have, like me, already began to hope that the classic unis will return for a new generation.

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It will certainly help teams connect with fans of all ages, many who wear classic player jerseys to games.

This change is a welcome one, as current helmets might not match the past helmets. The NFL originally did away with teams having different helmets for each game due to player safety. But it looks like with more research and better technology to protect the players, style could be back in the NFL.

Except for the Buccaneers creamsicle uniforms, those could stay in the past. They hurt my eyes for goodness sake.

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