The Baltimore Ravens have become a popular landing spot for Alabama players entering the NFL, and a lot of that can be attributed to general manager Ozzie Newsome. 

The former Alabama star is now running the Ravens organization and having a lot of success in a difficult AFC North division. In recent years, the Crimson Tide has seen linebacker C.J. Mosley, defensive lineman Terrence Cody, and linebacker Courtney Upsaw drafted by Baltimore.

The 2017 NFL Draft added two more players to that list when Marlon Humphrey (first round) and Tim Williams (third round) were picked last week. For Newsome, he never expected to have his pick of Alabama players when his first selection arrived midway through the first round.

"Never in my wildest dreams (think) that I'll be sitting at the 16th pick and have all five of them facing me," Newsome said told host Ryan Fowler.

Newsome ultimately settled on the defensive back, making him the first of 10 Alabama players taken in the draft.

"Football is a game where size and speed matters, but also he plays with a lot of physicality," Newsome said. "When you're playing the National Football League with the receivers that you go up against, you have to have enough confidence in yourself to get physical with those receivers and that's what Marlon has shown the ability to do.

"We feel like he fits what we are looking for in our corners."

The Ravens were able to grab Williams, a great edge rusher, in the third round, which provided great value as he was once projected in the first round.

"He's a relentless pass rusher," Newsome said. "He has several moves, whether he uses the spin, rip, chop, whatever. He can get after the quarterback."

Listen to the full conversation from The Game in video below.

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